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About Millicent

Millicent believes the only constant is change. In her 20s, as a middle school teacher living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina she became interested in Southern “outsider art.” The rawness and authenticity of that expression resonated with her and inspired her to begin painting. Using any materials in creative ways with the freedom that comes with being “self taught,” she began exploring how she could visually and most authentically express her experiences and view of the world.


Inspired by nature, as well as responding to events and emotions that are universal, she is drawn to strong colors, textures and forms.  Using layers of acrylic paint with etchings, paper, beads, fabric, ink, mirrors and other found objects she create pieces that are accessible and brighten spaces.


Infusing her pieces with subtle sayings and etchings that are tucked into each piece, they act as positive, subconscious affirmations and reminders to move more mindfully through the world with grace and kindness. Millicent continues to evolve pieces over time, adding new elements and shifting pieces until they move out of her space.


Millicent's art is an offering to step more into yourself in ways that matter to to you and engage in ways that improve the lives of others. She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and 2 dogs. Her 3 grown kids are in the world creating the lives they want.

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