About Millicent

As our world shifted in 2020 with the onset of Covid, how we live and engage with one another was forever altered. At that time, Millicent let go of plans and ideas she had prior to the onset of the pandemic and shifted to focusing on creative and innovative ways to move forward as an artist and in all areas of her life. 

Using vibrant colors, varying textures and strong forms, Millicent's pieces reflect a commitment to authentic connections and a celebration of the natural world. With change as the only true constant in life, working in mixed media allows Millicent to continue to evolve pieces over time, adding new elements as she chooses thereby embracing the inevitable rather than resisting it. 

The spaces we create and curate for ourselves enhance our lives and how we engage with our communities. Follow Millicent on instagram @millicentkangart and contact her to purchase or try a piece in your space.

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