Using layers of acrylic paint with etchings, paper, beads, glass, bolts and other found objects, I create mixed media pieces using strong colors, textures, and forms. Each piece is an offering of gratitude and intended to speak to the best in each of us. Embracing change as the only constant, I never consider a piece finished until it has moved beyond my studio or home space. It is liberating to collage more, change a paper choice or add new texture to a piece, thereby altering its overall feel.


I began exploring my creative process as a path to greater personal growth and awareness. At this point, it is my passion. It is an integral part of who I am and aspire to be. As a wife, mom of three kids, development director of nonprofit,friend and artist my current challenge is to find balance. To do this, I find that I must continually return inward to hear my true calling and allow it to present itself in my life and work. 

About Millicent

Currently, I am drawn to vivid color and texture with small etchings in the underpainting. It is no surprise to me that my paintings reflect my strong affinity for the natural world. Regardless of subject matter, my goal is to always speak to the best in everyone. My hope is that ultimately each piece conveys gratitude for life and the world in which we live.


Contact me to brainstorm a commissioned piece for a special celebration or space in your home.

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